My name is pronounced BOH-NUH JAWNG.

It’s ok if you still happen to mispronounce my name.  I mispronounced “Yosemite” for 25 years of my life as YO-ZUH-MITE.
That’s probably because I’m a professional foreigner. I’m from Korea but the place I’ve lived the longest is NYC. I was born in Gumi, did some grade school years in Bangkok, completed high school in Karachi, and went to college in Manhattan. I’ve been here ever since (except now I live in Bed-Stuy).

Home is where I make it. You might hear it in my accent, my weirdo sense of humor, or my pronunciation of national parks. But more importantly, you’ll see it in my perspective. Which comes from my professionally foreign, literally borderless Bona Brain.

If you’re interested in what the Bona Belly is into, check out my illustration IG @dailycravings_

Having a name like Bona comes with low hanging fruit. That’s why my IG handle is @bonajams03. If you get that reference, thank my copywriter friend. If you hate that reference, well at least your name’s not Bona.